Trident Gurgaon

Trident, a brand of the Oberoi Group was created with the intent to serve the business market. However, with the Trident in Gurgaon, just outside of New Delhi in India, The Oberoi Group has raised the bar on the level of luxury offered by business hotels. The hotel offers a resort-like experience with its 136 rooms and suites. Located just 20 minutes away from the Indira Gandhi International Airport, the hotel is conveniently close to Gurgaon’s skyscrapers housing numerous Fortune 500 companies, as well as huge shopping malls, golf courses, cafes and entertainment centres.
Ms. Niraj Sharma, Executive Housekeeper says, “The Housekeeping module is very effective as it helps us understand each guest’s need, and this helps to serve the guests better”.

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“It’s a part of my life. It starts in the early morning daily meeting when we go through all the glitches from the previous day. At our evening meetings, we look at arrivals for the next day and glitches. With the Knowcross Glitch module last year we registered about 3,000 glitches. So far, this year we’re on 1,280 glitches. This does not mean we’ve had 1,280 complaints, but 1,280 opportunities to do something better. It’s our job to find out what can be better. It’s not for us to argue but embrace it. It’s okay to have glitches; let’s have a thousand a day. What’s important is what we learn from them”.
– Mr. Nitesh Gandhi – General Manager

“One of her favorite benefits comes from a clever way of using the Knowcross system. The system was not designed with this feature in mind, it is an unexpected benefit. I personally enjoy the system because when I’m walking down the corridor I don’t need to carry reports, but also, when I see a guest leave his room from a distance, I can quickly look at the system and before I reach him I know what his name is. When you greet a guest by name the effect is obviously spectacular”. – Ms. Niraj Sharma – Executive Housekeeper

“One of our room attendants had noticed that the guest had joined her twin beds together. Through the Knowcross system this was shared with the hotel teams. Moments later, while the same guest was having her breakfast, we asked the guest if she would prefer a double room so she didn’t have to join the beds, offering to change the room for her while she was at work. The guest was back in the evening and thrilled to see the change. We have so many examples like this in our daily life”. – Ms. Akansha Lamba – F&B Director