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3 February 2020

2019 in Review: The Year That Was Hotel Technology

2019 has been a very exciting year for hoteliers as it witnessed an array of new innovations and technological implementations which resulted in never-seen-before guest experiences. But there were 3 most influential tech trends that significantly redefined and reshaped the industry.

20 January 2020

The Ultimate 10 Hotel Tech Checklist: Hoteliers, Are You Ready for 2020?

Adopting new technological advances in an existing work-process come with both financial and operational limitations. It is important to consider a number of aspects before plugging-in to a new ecosystem.

03 December 2019

Top 5 Emerging Hotel Tech Trends to Watch in 2020 and Beyond

Almost all the hotels throughout the world have come up with new innovative trends to offer a unique guest experience like no other. But as the customers’ pre-requisite standards are changing, new trends need to be adopted as well.

12 November 2019

Why Union Properties Are Finally Ready to Embrace Technology

As hoteliers are racing towards maintaining highest industry standards, it has become much important for introducing new technology implementations in case of Unions as well, in order to ensure a convenient and frictionless experience throughout the processes.

07 November 2019

Why Hotels Need Modern Optimization and Management Platforms

Today’s cut-throat competition allows very little scope for errors in the hospitality industry. As much as an above usual service is a must for guest satisfaction, proper tools and software platforms are important for ensuring the same.

16 October 2019

How Hotels Can Overcome the 3 Worst Guest Pain Points

In a world where traditional methods are quickly being transformed into new and digital experiences, hoteliers can leverage the same technology to retain its guest-base, who are mostly excellence & perfection-oriented.

08 October 2019

The Devil is in the Details: Using Data to Transform Your Hotel

Data, in the hospitality, is the key to identify important industry patterns and trends. It possess the power to improve revenue management, optimise marketing efforts and enhance the customer experience that is being delivered. Tracking and capturing the right information in a timely fashion, and then communicating actionable insights effectively across the organization is crucial.

12 September 2019

Hoteliers, Are You Offering the Highest Level of Service?

Surveys suggest that travelers tend to pay more for a hotel that has higher review scores. Thus, in today‘s hyper-competitive landscape, exceptional guest service is an essential requirement to make them stick around for a lasting time. Investing in hotel optimization technology that transforms your service each step of the way will drive staff productivity, guest satisfaction, boost positive reviews and keep guests coming back.

3 September 2019

The Key To More Productive Staff? Technology That Was Built For Them In Mind

Empowering your staff & Operations with the tools to do more, with less is a vitality for smoother functioning in the hospitality industry. With the help of advanced housekeeping solutions such as KNOW Housekeeping and Service, manual tasks such as scheduling, updates, room assignments, tracking, reports, and requests are automated and centralized.

22 August 2019

How Technology Can Transform One of Your Hotel’s Most Expensive and Important Departments – Housekeeping

With the ever-evolving guest expectations, it’s crucial for hoteliers to shift their traditional operational structure to modern processes supported by more advanced platforms. Investing in cloud-based applications & software designed with specific capabilities, can efficiently optimize your Hotel’s Most Expensive and Important Departments – Housekeeping.

18th July 2019

The Tipping Point for Innovations in Vacation Rental and Timeshare Technology

In this dynamic digital world, where the innovations in Vacation Rental & Timeshare technology have been changing the game in Travel Industry, it would be a smart move for hoteliers and property managers to benefit from an upgrade. Keeping up with the new tech is the key to survival in the industry nowadays. Airbnb, HomeAway, OneFineStay, HostNFly and Luxury Retreats are a few to tap it early.